2.00b Toy Product Design Playsentations - TIMELESS!

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Team Narwhal
Team Narwhal icon
Skelly-Snappers is a modular building toy that lets people of all ages build any skeleton they can imagine, real or fictional.
Team Shark
Sonic Soundscapes
Team Shark icon
Create your own sand patterns using ultrasonic sensors and vibrations from a wave generator!
Team Panda
Team Panda icon
A whale-shaped balance bike that sprays water out of its blowhole.
Team Hedgehog
Team Hedgehog icon
LandSlide is a free to play toy where players create their own obstacle course using kinetic sand and magnetic blocks.
Team Cow
Go, Go, Dino!
Team Cow icon
A fast-paced, action-packed game for you and your dino-loving (or dino-hating) friends!
Team Koala
Team Koala icon
A competitive two player board game where one player must reach the end of the board and the other player must trap them.
Team Triceratops
Team Triceratops icon
A set of cubes that attach together with magnets and feature tubes inside, allowing you to create a unique tubular marble path!
Team Kangaroo
Rotating Rapids
Team Kangaroo icon
Navigate through the the spinning river, but be sure not to hit the sides.
Team Cat
Team Cat icon
Players navigate a sea of hidden mines to cross the board and get to the sunken gold before their opponents.
Team Pig
Tumble Tower
Team Pig icon
Tumble Tower is an exciting, nerve-wracking game that challenges kids to build a wobbly tower from an assortment of unique blocks on an unpredictable vibrating platform.
Team Sloth
Color Toss-Mania
Team Sloth icon
Color Toss-Mania is the ultimate family friendly game where the goal is to toss your rings onto matching light-up cones!
Team Elephant
Monarch Madness
Team Elephant icon
A whack-a-mole style game where players control RC cannons, trying to light up all castles their color!
Team Octopus
Steps of Time
Team Octopus icon
Players race across a board with changing topography to reach all 4 checkpoints of time, fighting monsters and collecting items along the way!
Team Turtle
Cannon Fire
Team Turtle icon
Cannon Fire is a fast paced build battle game where two players try to build their own tower and shoot down their opponent's so that they have the tallest tower standing when time runs out.
Team Lion
Dr. Time
Team Lion icon
Step through time and into the world of magic with this fast-paced game of mixing, matching, and curing patients!
Team Polar Bear
Team Polar Bear icon
An alien-themed balance board game challenging the player to balance, twist, and step on the lights as they flash!
Team Fox
Design Plush
Team Fox icon
Soft blocks that you can attach together to design your very own plushie!
Team Orca
Custom Glydrz
Team Orca icon
Soar through the air with Custom Glydrz, a modifiable airplane toy that lets you be your own pilot!
Team Apatosaurus
Twisting Towers
Team Apatosaurus icon
A competitive construction game that involves memorizing a block structure and building it on a spinning platform!
Team T-rex
Boom Boats
Team T-rex icon
A battle between fleets where players catapult balls to hit all of their opponent's ships and be the last one standing.
Team Duck
Team Duck icon
A multiplayer tower building game with a challenging twist: crumbling blocks that shake at random, slowly destabilizing the tower as players fight not to be the one who makes the tower Crumble!
Team Rabbit
Isopod Insanity
Team Rabbit icon
Isopods compete to claim as much Isoland territory as possible before the time runs out!
Team Penguin
Shooting Stars
Team Penguin icon
In Shooting Stars, you use superhero-style hand blasters to shoot stars. When they light up, it adds fuel to your rocket.
Team Giraffe
Berry Jam
Team Giraffe icon
2 players catch as many berries as possible, but they’ll have to make sure they’re secured and ripe!
Team Rhino
Team Rhino icon
Test your patience and save humanity by blasting away incoming asteroids!
Team Hippo
Team Hippo icon
A mastermind-inspired multiplayer board game where a Designer builds 3D structures with clear blocks and a Hacker attempts to “replicate it” based on feedback about the accuracy of their placements.